Piercer • Brett Rice • Jeweler

Brett has great passion for his craft and with his  vast wealth of knowledge, he will ensure that not only will your piercing be done with pin-point perfection but you'll be guided through the whole process with care.
 From making your jewelry selection that will be tailored to your individual needs, to how to properly care for your new piercing, our piercing
Guru, will be the Sherpa that guides you to the peaks of your piercing experience.

As he takes great pride in helping his clients find the right piece that suits them perfectly and he makes it a
point to treat everyone with respect, as this isn't a job for him, it's a way of life.

He offers 
free consultations, to give his advice on a new piercing or maybe one you'd love to upgrade with better jewelry. Feel free to book an appointment or swing by, we're here for you. 

Days off Weds & Thurs